That's rad, Craft Time?
I enjoy watercolors, pastels, sharpies and colored pencils. I want to learn how to knit and I have started crocheting. I enjoy tie dying and customizing my own clothing. I would also like to learn how to cross stich. I collect charms and I make too many bracelettes. I'm trying to get into papercutting. I enjoy making things to hang on my walls. I like origami and thrifty remakes and diys!
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Here is what to do with some old, broken terracotta pots!


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Fall into autumn by repurposing your summer denim with a baroque printed jean! Often the only thing that eases our transition into cooler months is the thought of stepping into more fashion-y, less jean short-y, flip floppy outfits. But when seasonal shopping becomes a bummer on the wallet, it’s time to take your summer style the extra mile with a little DIY. Check out the poppin’ patterns we created on these Express denim staples…with some paint and baroque inspired stencils, these jeans are reborn as a fall fashion dream come true. 
To create:  Place the floral stencil onto the desired area of your Express jeans. We recommend starting from one end and working your way to the other. With a sponge pouncer fill in the stencil with white fabric paint. Peel off the stencil and let the paint dry for a few seconds. Repeat the steps until the entire surface of the jean is covered with a baroque pattern.
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Head & neck anatomy sheets by juusan13 | gallery (with larger images)

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how the fuck do legs work i don’t




i have a few feet ones too

thank u

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Crank up the heat from mild to medium at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta with this fringe garland project from Erica’s book, P.S.-You’re Invited…!  No Mexican inspired bash is complete without a dash of bold and lively color; and just like salt on the rim of a tasty margarita, this sassy accent adds just the right touch of decorative flavor. 

To create: Use scissors to cut rope into measured 18-inch pieces then fold in half and place each piece over a long base string. Leave extra base string in order to hang the finished product. Loop around the base string and pull through the loop. Pull tight and continue to fringe on!
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A pure Essence, driven by pure Will. Emerging from the depths of the Earth, baptised by the power of Ever-changing Death, fed by the poisons that surround us, either herbal, mineral or animal.

The Spirit is awaken by the calling of the Great Serpent, which breaths life into its lungs. The Soul now learns to work its own Magick, to create its own Craft.

The Craft and Path will emerge crystal clear before the Self, no matter which Name it has been given. The Soul is ready to take the Path towards Self Consciousness, the Brightest of Lights, in tune with the roots, the bones and the black stones that will serve both as a tool and as a guide.

It’s not a futile desire, nor a temporary infatuation, but it is the ultimate Aim, a life’s Pursuit. The Soul will gain consciousness of his tremendous power, and aided by the Spirit behind-it-All, will accomplish its goal.

Thus, we proudly present Sinistra, the new collection of Occvlta’s pendants, crafted with the invaluable help and inspiration of Teufelskunst's prima materia. Sinistra is intended to be a Call to the Soul, the validation of pure Will, the acknowledgement of the Self in the Devious side of existance: the talismans of the Left Hand Path.

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