That's rad, Craft Time?
I enjoy watercolors, pastels, sharpies and colored pencils. I want to learn how to knit and I have started crocheting. I enjoy tie dying and customizing my own clothing. I would also like to learn how to cross stich. I collect charms and I make too many bracelettes. I'm trying to get into papercutting. I enjoy making things to hang on my walls. I like origami and thrifty remakes and diys!
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A pure Essence, driven by pure Will. Emerging from the depths of the Earth, baptised by the power of Ever-changing Death, fed by the poisons that surround us, either herbal, mineral or animal.

The Spirit is awaken by the calling of the Great Serpent, which breaths life into its lungs. The Soul now learns to work its own Magick, to create its own Craft.

The Craft and Path will emerge crystal clear before the Self, no matter which Name it has been given. The Soul is ready to take the Path towards Self Consciousness, the Brightest of Lights, in tune with the roots, the bones and the black stones that will serve both as a tool and as a guide.

It’s not a futile desire, nor a temporary infatuation, but it is the ultimate Aim, a life’s Pursuit. The Soul will gain consciousness of his tremendous power, and aided by the Spirit behind-it-All, will accomplish its goal.

Thus, we proudly present Sinistra, the new collection of Occvlta’s pendants, crafted with the invaluable help and inspiration of Teufelskunst's prima materia. Sinistra is intended to be a Call to the Soul, the validation of pure Will, the acknowledgement of the Self in the Devious side of existance: the talismans of the Left Hand Path.

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Pom Pom Fruit Tutorial, made me wanna try to

Pom Pom Fruit Tutorial, made me wanna CRY

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By heisk:

Hand Embroidered Skeleton Love w/ flower accents! Available in my etsy shop!

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When dynamic jewelry duo Peppercotton revived and updated this beloved trend from the jelly shoes and charm necklace era we couldn’t wait to get going on a DIY rendition. So get crafty, mix ‘em up and show ‘em off…adding a little rainbow brightness to your wrist is sure to help sooth the winter blues!
To create: Gently insert funnel into one end of the tube bracelet, then pour a mixture of enough Swarovski Chaton crystals to fill the entire tube. Plug both ends to secure the crystals, then connect ends together. Create a wrist full of stacked fun by layering your DIY tube bracelets or connect several together to create a unique wrapped piece.
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My first attempt at making a dreamcatcher. I’d say it turned out pretty well :)

Omfg this is so cute

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14 Cool Uses for Dried Flowers // Brit+Co

Long gone are the days where you only ever saw dried flowers in your Grandma’s potpourri stash. Dried flowers can be just as pretty as their living counterparts and perhaps even more useful in the decorative sense.

Click on through to see how you can put your dead flowers to good use.

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Turning an everyday staple into a work of wearable art is no sweat. Inspired by the painterly prints of designers like PreenMSGM and Reed Krakoff, a little dab of abstract floral radness does wonders for a drab old crew neck…so get on board and bring out your inner DIY Picasso, baby!
To create: Insert a piece of cardboard or bristol paper inside the sweatshirt to prevent paint from bleeding through. Soak a kitchen sponge in water; ring out excess, then gently dampen the sweatshirt. Use a wet paint brush to dampen the watercolor paints, then mix onto a plate to achieve your desired colors. Paint the design onto your sweatshirt. Let dry completely before wearing. 

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Crushing hard on this handmade, rustic-eclectic mobile from (where else?) Etsy. *Dressed

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Felted Fox Pillow | The Felted Fox

On the front cover of the new Mollie Makes magazine is a little doxie printed pillow that I immediately sewed and stuffed. He is adorable and now sitting on my side table. But then I wanted more, and after checking out etsy I found lots of pre-made kits… then I saw this adorable DIY on TFF! It’s fate. Once you check out the gorgeous pictures of Norway, scroll down and download the free pattern. I think once I’ve made one for myself I’ll make one for my cousin’s baby - perfect!

edit: In my excitement I forgot to add the link! All fixed!

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I made this DIY pop-surrealism decor.
1:) Take a plastic, hollow skull from a Halloween store.
2:)Cut off the top and Spray paint it.
3:) Find a styrofoam ball for flower arrangements and faux flowers from any craft shop.
4:)Use wire cutters to trim flower stems. Arrange accordingly. Use a strong glue like gorilla glue to fix the styrofoam ball in place inside the skull.

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